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Finding what it takes

Focus: finding our self worth amidst fear and inadequacy and  honouring our divinity in all fluctuating states of being. You don’t have to feel good to be worthy, you don’t have to feel good to be divine. How you are right now is Godly.  Listen… A kind of marriage between self love and deep accountability […]

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And now for something completely different

February Star Soul Report Surrendering familiarity Being someone you don’t even recognise anymore Embracing the magic During a meditation on the last December solstice, I saw 2018 as being completely different. It was like a totally different energetic expression of life. And my experience especially since the last lunar eclipse has proved it. You can’t […]

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Set your self free

Set your self free to be, in a thousand ways, over a thousand days, light, dark, however you are, untouched, scarred, open to oblivion – your new friend. Purified and fortified by your own unstoppable grace, in spite of yourself. Set your self free to be magnificent, to express your love when you feel it, […]

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Brief history of a heart

This is from a newsletter I wrote in January 2017. I never really knew why following my heart seemed so important, it was just a deep urge, also because I recognised that, at the time, it was missing from my life. After I felt that my life had been saved in a way, I also felt that I […]

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Inner compass

Interesting that we’re living in a time where we’re having to forge our humanity from the inside. When we’re having to reach deep to find and access our true nature, where we sometimes need to use our will to do so, where we need to commit to it to find our worth independently from our environment or […]

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Inclusion, as a way of relating to ourselves and our experience, is one of the single most helpful and liberating things I have practiced. Of all the healing techniques, this is the one that works best. It is so simple and so effective and it’s always what delivers in my sessions. Welcoming in your feelings, […]

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Transformation through humility – eclipse season

Eclipse seasons are like periods of condensed inner growth, or rapid evolutionary transformation. They can present us with all sorts of unexpected scenarios that change our reality and shake our foundations. This one especially can throw up moral dilemmas and challenges to our belief systems.  It’s important to remember on this human path we signed up to, that […]

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Your presence in the world in 2016

The initiations you’ve been going through over the last few years, particularly since Pluto was Square Uranus (2011-2016), the internal revolution or what I call the revolution of being, are the soul initiations that you have been undergoing to prepare you to bring love to the heart of chaos. Why? because you have learnt/are learning how to bring love […]

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