Life as your art

Take your creativity into every aspect of your life. Make life itself your ultimate masterpiece. There isn’t anyone out there who doesn’t have access to infinite reserves of creativity. Relax your brow, it doesn’t have to be hard for it to earn your approval, let your imagination get to work, and start to let your […]

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March Equinox – feel the balance

March Equinox, 20 March 2016 Feel the balance! Today is a day of equal day and night all around the world. Globally, we are united by this moment in the cycle of our planet around the Sun where light meets dark as equals, a new beginning born from balance and unity, a new day, a […]

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March eclipses – new ways to surrender

Eclipse seasons, which we are in the midst of, are charged times, but especially with the Equinox approaching because the Sun’s activity increases around the Equinoxes. Right now we’re in the middle of a strong geomagnetic storm and this combined with quite a few planets in Pisces can make it hard sometimes to know what is going on! And […]

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2016 break through

February 2016 Get ready for the break through! For many the beginning of the year has felt like being in an emotional pressure cooker or somewhere in a birth canal! It has also been a time of grief – either for the loss of loved ones, or grieving what is lost in your life, coming to […]

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Only love will do

From January 2016 This is soul searching of the most heroic kind! It’s worth facing your reality and looking and feeling deeply into it, because in the gnarly bits of your experience you will find your power to move through it. Sometimes enough is enough.  Make it crystal clear what can stay in your reality […]

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The light will return poem

The light is there Even as a distant flame It waxes and wanes Like the Sun and the Moon It waxes and wanes within and through you Even light is tidal It’s flux is so you will know it better And trust it’s timing Like you trust the Sun and the Earth to turn. We […]

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Your star and the world

This full Moon can be the mother of all reality checks with such a strong presence of Saturn!  Saturn squaring Neptune can reveal in all starkness what we have overlooked, or simply believed was something that it isn’t.  Blind spots can humblingly come to light. It reminds me of when the Hubble telescope photographed an […]

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August Star Soul Report

There have been 11 M-class solar flares since August 21! That is a LOT of solar activity. As a result solar wind is streaming to Earth – so if you have been vibrating like a gong that’s been struck, so has your planet’s magnetic field!  You may experience this as feeling more tired and emotional, […]

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The truth will set you free

The truth will set you free. Not knowing it, but acting on it. Not seeking it, but being it. The truth will take you to the edge of fear and despite yourself you will act on it, regardless of who and what falls away in the process. The truth will take you to the outer […]

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This is the making of you!

From July 9th 2015 Both the March and September Equinoxes this year line up with eclipses signaling distinct energetic shifts. The March eclipse catapulted our consciousness into a new direction of truth and embodiment as our soul self steered us into new ways to support it’s emergence in our daily lives. Just when you thought […]

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