Nature’s Retreat Centre, Butleigh, Somerset UK. Thurs 26th July 4pm – Sunday 29th July 4pm 2018


A coming home to You.

Walking in sacred land and listening to your soul.

Letting love show you the way.


What is Soul Rising?

A gathering in sacred land with walking meditations, intuitive talks and music by Emma at Nature’s Retreat Centre near Glastonbury.

Glastonbury has long been a pilgrimage site for a reason.  I welcome you to this land for a magical few days when I will take you to some of my personal favourite pathways and places in the land here.  A chance to go deep and experience the connection to your own soul, and to feel the wind in your hair, be held by the Earth, listen to your heart and to the song of the stars.

The first time I came here was truly life changing for me personally and since then spent many years working with the Glastonbury landscape, exploring Earth and star connections – it’s a very powerful place on the planet. It is a star temple as the constellations are reflected in the physical form of the land and the energy is ‘stellar’ but there is a  wisdom in the land and it is a great teacher when you listen. As an experience it is deep because you do face yourself in the light of truth and walking here gives you the chance to ‘meet yourself’ with zero filters!  If that speaks to you, a one off soul adventure awaits with a group of kindred spirits.

Emma’s words of wisdom not only touched my heart but brought me consciousness to my existence and connection with the universe.   Melina – This Earth Gathering – 2013

These 3 days are like a soul ‘re-set’ supported by the Earth and stars.  At a time of global change trusting and following your intuitive voice and soul’s guidance is a life changing ability that is a great service to your health, relationships and to the world at large.  I am delighted to support you at Soul Rising to walk the soul’s path with assurance and love. This is also a beautiful adventure with music and camp fires and hopefully swimming weather permitting!

I guide the retreat intuitively together with the land, stars and the souls present, it is my joy to do this work.

If you’re called to this land, there is a specific teaching, healing or experience for you here. This is also a time to re-charge, re-connect to and re-orient your life to what really matters to you.

The truth of you is rising.

This landscape offers something special: a deeper, totally loving connection which fills you up. I left feeling full of joy and wonder. Suay – Glastonbury Zodiac Pilgrimage – September 2011


Food and accommodation:

Shared bedrooms at Nature’s Retreat Centre, vegetarian breakfast and dinner. Packed lunch on Friday or Sat is not included so please bring provisions or buy food to bring at the local shop.

Physical ability:

We will only be walking for the first 2 days (3rd day will be spent in the centre) and we won’t be covering great distances so you need only moderate physical fitness but in some areas there can be quite a few styles to climb and there are hills. All physical abilities are welcome so if you would like to attend but walking is difficult please contact me directly to discuss how you can join us.



Early booking discount until 1st May             £380 

After 1st May                                               £420

Price includes bed in shared bedroom, breakfast and dinner for all days.

Camping                                                      £300

Includes breakfast and dinner and tent pitch.

To apply for booking please email for payment details and information:



What other’s have to say:


One of the most profound life enhancing experiences I have ever had.

Patricia – Stepping into Freedom Retreat – Florida March 2015

Nothing has impacted me quite like the time spent in the magical, healing space created and facilitated by Emma Stow.  It is an experience that I will always cherish as a great turning point in my life.

Renee – Sacred Heart Desert Retreat, September 2015

It was an amazing experience! I laughed, cried, danced, sang loudly and from the depths of my soul. I met the most beautiful people. All of these friends, new and old, held the space for me as I held it for them and we will be forever bonded. As I returned to my everyday life, I brought a deeper understanding of myself and how I function in this physical reality with me. I can’t say enough about Emma and how much I love her and the beautiful energy that she brings to her retreats.

Laurie – Sacred Heart Desert Retreat, September 2015

“My Body Heart and Soul were heard clearly for the first time.”

Patricia – Stepping into Freedom Retreat, March 2015


Recent retreats:


When: Thursday, October 5th – Sunday, October 8th, 2017 (4 Days, 3 Nights)

Location: Hawk Hill in Cleveland, Northern New Mexico, USA.

The Soul’s Way retreat is a magical life changing soul adventure in sacred land combined with grounded practical wisdom to living soulfully in times of change. Experience the power and beauty of connecting to your soul. Connect to your divine nature and enjoy the healing and creative force of this relationship that defines your humanity. Explore the potential of your divine nature for your own healing and creativity as well as new aspects of spiritual empowerment in the safety and support of a sacred retreat space.

We have an exciting program of intuitive, healing talks by Emma Stow, that include, energetic principles of soul living, healing, activating, inspiring meditation, music, dance and song. All physical abilities and non-dancers and singers are welcome.

Let your body, heart and soul be heard, healed and re-balanced to wholeness.

About Emma Stow
Emma Stow is an energy healer, writer and speaker. She is passionate about supporting people to connect to their heart for a more fulfilling and embodied experience of life and connection to their innate freedom and potential. Her background in intuitive healing and astrology has given her direct experience with the greater connections of our lives and those of our planet, to the practical and supportive uses of spirituality and to this unique time of transformation on our planet. She has been running her ‘soul adventure’ retreats since 2009 in the UK and in the USA and in 2012 wrote her first book ‘Revolution of Being’ a guidebook to living in times of change. Many people over the years have experienced deep emotional healing, and powerful reconnections to the Divine within, in her private sessions and retreats.

“I started out as a singer and song writer. I then became an astrologer and my astrological practice later evolved into energy and emotional healing and soul based sessions, where intuition and reacquainting people with their true nature became the focus. ‘I have also worked for many years with sacred land in England, running the ‘Star Path Pilgrimages’ where I came to learn about the land as teacher and healer and the life changing possibilities of connecting consciously to the Earth.”


Coming together as a group for The Soul’s Way is mutually inspiring and supportive and powerful medicine for our times! This convergence is our contribution to the current dynamics of global change. We all have a key, an essential piece to what the Earth is becoming.

Stepping Into Freedom Retreat Florida March 2015

Stepping into Freedom Retreat, Florida, March 2015