LOVE SPACE 14th November 2018 at RICH MIX LONDON 7 30pm

Join us for a rich celebration of life! LOVE SPACE is an evening of spoken word, dance and music from the soul. Emma will be singing for this one evening only with an extraordinary group of talented performers and friends in a show case style evening hosted by the one and only super hero Jerome Harvery-Agyei.

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Empowering Heart Relationships, talk by Emma 9th July 2017, 4-7.30pm

Bedminster Quaker Meeting House, Wedmore Vale, Bedminster, Bristol BS3 5HX

Each heart longs to be heard…come and listen to yours…

*Love and heart relationships

*Healing the body and the emotions through heart connection and how this can help with depression and anxiety

*Find out what you and your heart really loves and how to make it real!

Life is full of obstacles and opportunities, we can’t change that because it is how we grow but we can understand how our heart is our greatest ally in any situation we find ourselves in and how it is just waiting to support us to create a life of freedom and adventure. Heart connection is how we live up to and fulfil our destiny. This is available to everyone no matter your past, your background or your beliefs. The heart is like a compass of truth that we can return to in all aspects of our daily life and gives us the ability to heal and live according to the natural rhythms of our own nature. The heart always knows just what to do and gives us the courage and freedom to be who we truly are and that is the greatest contribution we can make on the planet at this time.

Please join us for a healing and inspiring afternoon and bring some food to share in the garden afterwards.

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For information and bookings for DESERT SOUL retreat please see: October Soul Retreat, Arizona 19-23 October 2016

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Being divine on Earth


Testimonials from past talks and events:

Emma’s messages connected in a distinct way that brought me clarity and awareness to my own personal experience to this time of change and confusion. As a women, I walked away feeling understood and empowered.

My experience with Emma was a powerful impact of clarity and awareness. Emma’s words of wisdom not only touched my heart but brought me consciousness to my existence and connection with the universe.

Melina Seeto, Toowoomba  Australia

Emma’s sincerity and presence was captivating and her delivery of really deep and cosmic content was  crystal clear.  She shone light on many subjects that I’ve found to be really challenging, it was comforting to hear her insights and it enabled me to experience many realizations into what’s going on within myself and the world as a whole.  She communicated in a way that I felt very relaxed and absorbed the information easily and effortlessly.  She closed the talk with a practical exercise that obviously had such a powerful effect on everyone present.  I left the talk feeling very connected to all of creation and happy to be alive in my body and on this incredible Earth.

Amelia Horton, London UK

What I was left with was a sense of the magical nature of quite ordinary things. In other words it was as though a window had been opened inside me which allowed me to appreciate something of the sheer wonder of ourselves, the earth we walk on, its inhabitants – human, animal, plant and stone – and how everything interconnects. Just as marvellous was the intuition that we were accepted, and that in the heart of all this was not just acceptance of each of us, but a profound and utter peace.

Emma and all the team at the Pilgrimage looked after all our needs with real enthusiasm and heart. The sun shone, the rain fell – and we were happy and content under and among the stars!

Peter, Shropshire UK